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Is your favorite paperback or e-reading device giving you a headache before you can even sink your teeth into the first chapter? Do you find yourself leaning over the counter far more than you are used to in order to see the instructions for tonight’s gourmet masterpiece? You could be developing a common optical condition found in a majority of adults. Headaches while reading are one of the most common symptoms of a vision problem known as presbyopia, and it can occur in addition to a pre-existing optical condition. To find out the truth behind your constant reading headaches or trouble reading, be sure to maintain regular visits with your local Berea optometry office of Yeager Vision Care.

Though there is no cure for presbyopia, it can be easily treated with the right pair of prescription lenses. Our team at your professional Berea optometry office can fit your eyes with reading glasses for those without a pre-existing optical condition. If your vision is already being correct for another optical illness, you can still achieve clear vision through bifocal or multifocal eyeglasses, as well as multifocal contact lenses for those who do not enjoy the convenience of eyeglasses as much as they do the simple beauty of contact lenses. At Yeager Vision Care our fully licensed and professionally trained staff performs diagnostic testing for presbyopia as a part of our comprehensive regular eye exams to insure that our patients are always seeing their best. With Yeager Vision Care you can get back to enjoying the things you love with treatment for presbyopia that can give you back your clear vision.Presbyopia is a common optical condition that can occur to anyone regardless of whether or not you have had perfect vision for years or not. This sight condition occurs as a result of the effects of aging on our bodies, but you don’t need to have gray hairs to develop it. Presbyopia can occur as early as forty years of age, and is a natural part of growing older. As we age the natural lens of our eyes loses its flexibility. When it stiffens, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on objects or text up close, making activities such as reading, sewing, or cooking for example difficult to do safely and effieciently. Symptoms of presbyopia often include headaches that are caused by optical strain, or stress on your eyes as they are being forced to work harder than they are accustomed to, blurred vision when reading at a range which is normally comfortable for you, as well as holding your newspaper or tablet at arm’s length in an attempt to make the text easier to read. Presbyopia is not a disease which can be cured, but treatment starts with an optical exam to diagnose the problem at your trusted Berea optometry office.

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