Eye care consultations in Linden

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Optometry office in Linden

When taking care of your eye health, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting the best possible care for you and your family. Here at Yeager Vision Care, our eye care specialists have been offering comprehensive care for decades and can diagnose, treat, and resolve any of your eye health issues or concerns. Even if you are considering getting a major procedure, or are interested in other ways you can protect your eye health, our experts are more than happy to offer consultations here at our optometry office in Linden.

Optometry office in Linden

Eye exams should happen every year. Annual checkups play a huge role in early detection, which is key to treating eye diseases, concerns, and any other issues. Here at Yeager Vision Care, Dr. Cynthia Yeager has been providing the Linden area and surrounding communities for decades, offering a wide range of optical services for patients of all ages. Along with our other resident eye specialist Dr. Karen Mak, our goal is to to preserve, restore and enhance the vision of every patient that walks through our doors. We offer comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens exams and fittings, LASIK or laser vision correction exams, treatment of eye diseases, infections and more, prescription sunglasses, and we also offer a large selection of eyeglasses and provide glasses adjustment and repair when it comes to managing vision and eyewear. If you are considering a procedure like LASIK, Dr. Yeager and Dr. Mak can provide you with the examination necessary to see whether you are eligible right here at our optometry office in Linden. We can also help when it comes to choosing the proper eyewear or type of contact lenses.

If you are looking to book a consultation or a routine eye exam, then call us here at Yeager Vision Care to set up your appointment at our optometry office in Linden today.