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Congenital cataracts in Easley SC

Eye Care Easley SC
Eye Care Easley SC

If you are looking for a vision practice where your child will receive an excellent eye exam, you should make an appointment for your child to see our optometrist at Yeager Vision Care. When your child needs a comprehensive eye exam, or other eye care Easley SC, we know that our top-notch optometrist, Dr. Ken Yeager or Dr. Karen Mak, will provide the very best vision care for your child.

There are certain vision problems which our optometrists will specifically look for when working with children. Some of these eye problems can be treated by our eye doctors; if advanced treatment is needed, you will be referred to an eye specialist who specializes in eye care Easley SC, in your child’s area of need. A fairly rare childhood vision problem is congenital cataracts. When a young child has a congenital cataract, it means that they have a lens in their eye which has been clouded since birth. While cataracts in adults over 60 are very common, congenital cataracts are quite rare. When an infant has congenital cataracts in both eyes, he will not be visually aware of the world that is around him or her. The child’s pupils may have a gray or white cloudiness to them, and not appear black, as they normally are. The child may also have unusual rapid eye movements. This may be treated with cataract surgery. Other eye conditions which are much more common in children are strabismus or nearsightedness. When a child has strabismus, both eyes do not focus on the same object at the same time. It is important that this vision problem is corrected so that your child’s visual systems will develop properly. If your child is found to be nearsighted, it means that they cannot see far away items as well as they can see items close up. This visual problem can easily be corrected with prescription eyeglasses.

When your child needs to have a comprehensive eye exam or other eye care Easley SC, make an appointment for your child to come in to see one of our expert optometrists.

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