Eye Care South Carolina

Eye Infections in South Carolina

Eye care South Carolina

Eye care South Carolina

If your eyes are extremely irritated, you may have an eye infection and should visit us immediately at Yeager Vision Care. At our vision practice and optical store you will receive expert eye care South Carolina from one of our two optometrists, Dr. Ken Yeager and Dr. Karen Mak.

Conjunctivitis is an extremely contagious eye condition that a child can often catch at their school or daycare center. It can be easily diagnosed by our optometrist during your eye care South Carolina at our office. It is important that conjunctivitis is treated early to avoid any permanent damage eye care from occurring. Conjunctivitis often occurs when bacteria enters part of your eye. When a patient has conjunctivitis, the moist membrane that lines the outer part of the eye, as well as the inner eyelids, becomes inflamed and irritated. Signs that you may have an eye infection can include: eyes that are red; painful; there is an eye discharge; eyes are watery; or eyes are sensitive to light. Eyes can also be swollen, itchy, or have blurred vision. Our eye doctor will diagnose your precise eye problem and provide you with appropriate treatment. If you wear contact lenses, you are more like to develop eye infections. This is because you not only have lenses in your eyes, which themselves can be infected, but you also need to handle your eyes several times a day. Keratitis is a very common but dangerous eye infection. If keratitis is treated on time, it generally will clear up with no problems. However, if you leave your eyes untreated, you can develop serious vision problems from this infection. Whenever handling your contact lenses, it is important that your hands are clean. It is also important that your contact lenses are kept disinfected as directed by our eye doctor. You will also want to make sure that the contact lens case is clean as well.

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