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Dry Eyes and Winter Weather in 29617

Eye Doctor in 29617
Eye Doctor in 29617

Winters can be tough on eyes, skin and the rest of the body. Because winter weather saps the moisture from your skin, and people spend more time indoors with heat and in dry environments, eyes can get dry and irritated. Indoor air, heat and wind can all irritate eyes and make them feel dry, blurry and itchy. At Yeager Vision Care, our eye doctor in 29617 can offer solutions on how to heal dry eyes.

Winter weather can cause eyes to hurt but with our eye care tips, our eye doctor in 29617 will have your eyes feeling better in no time. First, come in for an appointment to make sure it’s just the weather. If dry eyes aren’t treated, they can turn into a worse condition. Also, you may not be producing enough water or oils in your eye, caused by gland problems. So make an eye appointment to make sure everything is clear. We can prescribe medications and eye drops for these types of eye problems. Try to stay away from heat blowing in the face while driving, because the heat will dry your eyes out even more. Humidifiers can also help keep eyes moist in the winter.

Our eye doctor in 29617 recommends using eye drops, but try to use preservative free tears that can be used daily and frequently so they don’t actually end up irritating the eyes. And using makeup that is clean, fresh and new helps keep eyes healthy as well. Old makeup can build up with bacteria, and waterproof makeup can be hard to remove, causing it to strip oils from around the eye. Some anti-aging makeup may also contribute to dry eyes. Finally, a warm compress applied to the eye can help open up glands that may be clogged, and clean the eye and sooth any irritation.

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