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Even with the bounds and leaps technology has made to be able to enhance your imperfect vision through the use of glasses and contacts, nothing is comparable to the freedom and comfort of being able to see clearly with your own naked eyes. That’s why our Greenville Eye Doctor at Yeager Vision Care specializes is laser vision correction exams, the first step in getting you on the road to clear vision. If your vision impairment can be improved through eyeglasses or contact lenses, then it’s likely that you can also benefit from laser vision correction surgery. There is some misinformation and pre-conceptions of laser vision correction out there, but our Greenville Eye Doctors firmly believe that educating our patients is essential to providing the best possible eye care service.

Yeager Vision Care practice understands how important your vision and eye care is to you. When you come to see our Greenville eye doctors for a laser vision examination and consultation, they will describe in detail the procedure. Laser vision correction surgery is performed using a specialized laser that produces a cool beam of light that changes the shape of the cornea. By doing so, light rays can then be properly focused on or near the retina, improving vision. Essentially, it reshapes the cornea to better focus images on the retina. Since the laser does not utilize any sort of heating process, your eye surgeon can precisely operate on the corneal tissue without damage. This laser surgery can be used to correct basic refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Dr. Ken Yeager has years of experience giving laser vision correction exams, and will work closely with you to attend to your personal optical needs.

Our talented and trusted Greenville Eye Doctor will make your experience at our optometry office a pleasant one. One which start you on your path to clearer vision. We have been serving patients for over 18 years with our top quality personalized eye care, and friendly experienced team. If laser vision is something you’ve been considering but haven’t known quite where to start, give our optometry office a call or come in to speak with expert Dr. Yeager, himself. In order to make your eye care as affordable as possible, we also accept a wide array of insurance plans like Avesis, Advantica, Care Improvement Plus, Medicare Benefits, Medicaid, and First Choice, to name just a few. Visit our web site or call our office to find out if we accept your insurance provider. Greenville Eye Doctor can help you correct your vision with ease and comfort. Attaining long term, flawless vision without needing glasses or contact lenses is no longer just a farsighted fantasy.

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