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When your vision appears fine and there are no problems looming on the horizon it is easy to put off something as quick and easy as a simple eye appointment at Yeager Vision Care. With deadlines and everyday obligations to be met, an eye appointment with our essay on the heart can get pushed to the back of our minds, pushed once again to another day in the future. However, the reality is that maintaining regular eye appointments should be a priority. A regular eye exam can diagnose diseases such as glaucoma, which would otherwise go unnoticed and untreated, resulting in permanent vision loss.

For your comprehensive eye exam at Yeager Vision Care, our Greenville eye doctors will provide you with a thorough examination to best help maintain healthy eyes and clear vision. Our staff is welcoming and our doctors friendly, talented, and knowledgeable, creating an environment you can trust. There are many things you can expect at a typical eye exam at Yeager Vision Care. For first timers, it will be necessary to get a medical and vision history. Once this, as well as any further paperwork has been taken care of, one of our skilled doctors will begin the examination.

Greenville Ocular Assessments

Greenville Ocular Assessments

An eye exam is essentially composed of many tests. Here are a few of the basics. There is the eye muscle movement test in which the patient is asked to follow the movement of an object in different directions. Next is the cover test. During this test one eye will be covered while you are asked to stare at an object some distance away. Our Greenville family eye doctor will observe how much your eye move or if it moves away from the target. Third, the patient will experience the external exam and papillary reactions test. This test will show our optometrists the eye’s response to a close up light or object, while examining the condition of the whites of the eyes and the position of the eyelids. The fourth test performed at Yeager Vision Care is typically the visual acuity test, otherwise known as the eye chart. The patient sits a designated distance away from the chart and reads aloud rows of letters which progressively get smaller.

These are only a few of the tests your doctor at Yeager Vision Care will employ during your Greenville eye exam. Each one is important and aids, our doctors in determining the health of your eyes and the state of your vision. Without regular appointments, small changes in vision can go unnoticed, further deteriorating the health of your eye.
At Yeager Vision Care we are determined to provide our patients with the best possible care, and that all starts with an eye exam.

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