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Have you been looking for the perfect eyeglass lens?  There are a number of different lenses available today.  Anti-reflective coating, high definition lenses, bifocals, trifocals, progressive lenses and transition lenses just to mention a few.  Anti-reflective coating is one of the more popular ones at Yeager Vision Care.  In order to fulfill our patients everyday needs we have a wide variety of eyeglasses, including sports eyewear, designer eyewear and sunglasses.  Sunglass lenses are also available in many different lenses.  Anti-reflective coating is popular among our Greenville eyeglasses.  Anti-reflective coating is special coating applied to eyeglass lenses.  The coating is mainly to reduce glare yet increase the transmission of light.

Anti-reflective coating can also be applied to sunglasses.  Special handling of eyewear with this type of coating should be used.  For example these lenses need to be cleaned with a wet cloth not a dry one.  Among our popular Greenville sunglasses lens is polarized lenses.  These lenses help reduce glare and block out 100% of the harmful UV rays from your eyes.  Polarized sunglasses are great for outdoor sports such as running, biking, tennis and volleyball.  We have a wide variety of sports sunglasses specifically for these outdoor activities.  Our polarized sunglasses are also very beneficial for driving, since sun glare can be an obstacle during your commute.  All our sunglasses are available with or without a prescription.  Our Greenville opticians are knowledgeable on the types of lenses at Yeager Vision Care.

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