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Most people unfortunately forget about their eye health when making sure that their medical records are up to date. Regular physical examinations with a general physician and regular dental checkups and cleanings are all important when it comes to monitoring your overall health, but making sure that your eyes are healthy are just as important as well. Annual eye examinations are not just for those who have a known or noticeable vision impairment. There are reasons for everyone to visit their Greenville family eye doctor yearly and we here at Yeager Vision Care are here to help.

Greenville Vision Assessments

Greenville Vision Assessments

While it is still important that everyone have their eyes checked regularly, those who have eye problems or a family history of eye conditions should absolutely see their eye doctor as regularly as possible. If you have a family history of a specific eye disease, then regular visits with our Greenville family eye doctor, Dr. Ken Yeager, can help determine whether you are exhibiting any signs of the condition before it gets too serious and provide you with preventative measures to counter the condition. It is important to have regular eye exams because this wealth of documented information gathered from visits helps your eye doctor more easily identify any changes in your eyes or vision. Those who have vision problems should also visit their eye doctor regularly to make sure that their prescription is consistently up to date. Even if you have perfect vision, you may still develop vision problems as you age and your cornea weakens. For patients who have eye allergies, regular eye examinations can help determine whether the symptoms from eye allergies are caused by allergens or any other harmful causes considering they can often yield the same or similar symptoms. If you notice any sudden symptoms, such as itching, burning, or redness, as well as any changes in vision, then schedule an appointment with us here at Yeager Vision Care immediately.

Making sure that your eyes are healthy can help prevent any vision loss. Our Greenville family eye doctor, Dr. Yeager, is here to make sure that your eyes and vision stay healthy here at Yeager Vision Care.

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