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Our opticians at our Greenville optical store are trained to help you find the perfect style, size and color of frames while keeping your best vision our top priority.  We understand the importance and investment of quality eyewear which is why at our Greenville optical store we make sure your glasses are top quality with both instrument and visual scrutiny.  We use the most advanced lens designs and materials available.  We can make your lenses thinner and lighter than ever before.  Most of our lenses have a scratch resistant coating.  We use the highest quality progressives and will make recommendations according to your visual needs and frame measurements.

Eye Care West Greenville

The centerpiece of good vision is a routine comprehensive evaluation of your eyes. This includes a determination of your refractive status, assessment of the neurological and oculomotor system, and thorough evaluation of your ocular health.  Of course at West Greenville eye care facility we are always checking your eyesight to ensure proper vision.  Your total eye health is extremely important to us and we do everything we can to make sure you receive the best personalized care possible.  Did you know that the curve of your cornea determines how the light reflects into your retina and the type of image produced?  At West Greenville eye care we measure your cornea, record your vision then consult and recommend the best options available to you with all the latest technology.

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