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Are you tired of eyeglasses and contact lenses getting in the way of your life? Have you been debating the possibility of a laser powered optical surgery in order to correct your vision problems, but are nervous about what treatment may entail, or simply doubting whether or not you are eligible? The same office you trust with your comprehensive optical exams is the very same who can give you definitive answer about the state of your eyes and their eligibility for a life changing LASIK surgery. To find out if a laser optical surgery is the correct path for your best eyesight yet, simply visit the experts you know and trust at your local Greenville optometrist of Yeager Vision Care.

LASIK Eye Exam 29617

LASIK Eye Exam 29617

LASIK eye surgery begins not with treatment, but with a careful consultation and a comprehensive examination designed specifically to examine your eyes for any problems that could spell trouble for your eligibility to see naturally without eyeglasses or contact lenses ever again. There are many factors that can determine whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK corrective eye surgery that must be considered by you and your trusted Greenville optometrist. All patients electing to undergo LASIK must be at least 18 years of age, and cannot be pregnant or nursing. If you have recently had a child, you should wait for at least three months after the nurse period has passed before LASIK can be performed. Just as your health is evaluated before surgery at a local hospital, your eyes must be examined to insure that they are free of any and all diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, corneal disease, and even some retinal and optic nerve diseases can all limit your chances of receiving LASIK vision correction. You should also inform eye doctor if you suffer from dry eyes, as this could indicate a chronic condition that may pose a complication to any laser optical surgery.

Despite the wealth of information available, there are factors which are absolutely necessary to the approval of a LASIK procedure, which can be only be determined by your professional Greenville optometrist through a comprehensive LASIK optical examination and consultation. Only our state of the art exams can determine the key factor in the success of a LASIK operation, which is the thickness and health of your corneal or epithelial layer. LASIK requires a small incision into this layer to create a flapped hinge for the laser to pass through, and must be at least .5 millimeters thick in order to accommodate the surgery. To find out the truth about the effectiveness and abilities of LASIK eye surgeries, simply visit the office you trust at Yeager Vision Care.

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