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Keratoconus in San Souci

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Keratoconus eye care in San Souci

Keratoconus in San Souci
Keratoconus in San Souci

Keratoconus in San Souci is an eye disease that affects your cornea. It is one of those that we screen for as part of our comprehensive eye exam, recommended annually for all of our valued patients. The nature of keratoconus is that your cornea begins to lose its normal shape, which is round, and morphs into a shape that is more conical. This occurs because the collagen in your eye loses its strength. And since that is what is responsible for the cornea maintaining its shape, the inevitable result is bulging and the consequences that are part of it. Fortunately, here at Yeager Vision Care, we can diagnose and treat keratoconus with our stellar eye care.

If you’re searching for symptoms of keratoconus in San Souci, they generally show up in the latter stages of the disease. Early on, you may not even be aware of any issues. This is a big reason why a yearly eye exam is so vital. If our eye doctor detects the presence of this disease before it has progressed to a more advanced stage, you will probably be able to treat it with a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. And unless your symptoms worsen, this may be sufficient to handle the matter.

If, however, your keratoconus in San Souci becomes more than can be dealt with using corrective lenses, surgery may be the only viable option. A procedure called INTACS is the state-of-the-art solution for keratoconus. It’s safe, effective, and minimally invasive. It works by flattening the cornea and in the process alleviating the symptoms of it and restoring more normal vision to you.

Some of the more obvious symptoms that you may experience from keratoconus in San Souci and that would indicate to you that you should call us right away and schedule an examination include problems driving at night, eye strain, general eye pain, eye irritation, eye itchiness, and halos that appear within your field of vision. Our eye doctor will do a series of tests, including a slit-lamp exam in order to reach a definitive diagnosis that will point in the direction toward the best treatment path.

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