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West Greenville Opticians

At Yeager Vision Care, we know it’s not always an easy task to have a stress-free experience when it comes to finding the best pair of eyeglasses for your child, but our West Greenville opticians do their educated best to help you achieve just that. Dr. Ken Yeager knows that the prescription is the first concern when choosing your child’s eyeglasses and it’s best to discuss lens choices before you start looking for frames. Also keep in mind if the prescription calls for stronger lenses that will be thicker, a smaller frame is a better way to go to reduce the final lens thickness.

Children's Eye Exams West Greenville

Children’s Eye Exams West Greenville

Knowing how kids can be, especially when it comes to peer pressure and getting teased when wearing glasses for the first time, we encourage communicating with your child to avoid frames that make them look “uncool”. The goal is to get your child to wear their glasses so they can see as clearly as possible and to assure that school work is not affected. If you’re a parent and searching for just the right pair of glasses for your child, you know you will see plenty of eyeglass frames but how do you narrow it down to just the right ones? At Yeager Vision Care, our West Greenville opticians know that you not only have to deal with what your child is willing to wear but consider durability as well.

In the past, plastic frames were a more logical choice for children because they were not only sturdier but less likely to get bent or broken, weighed less, and were less expensive. Manufacturers are now making some metal frames that have the same features as the plastic and our West Greenville opticians have them available. Many manufacturers are also making some frames for kids that duplicate adult styles and they are very popular with our young patients because they look more grown-up. The bottom line is, if your children need to wear glasses, their sight is the most important thing and at Yeager Vision Care, we will make personalized recommendations but the ultimate decision remains with you and your child.

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