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Have you had your child’s eyes examined recently? Here at Yeager Vision Care, our eye doctor in Greenville is here to provide high quality eye care services to patients of all ages, and that includes your children. Many families choose Yeager Vision because of our caring, family-oriented philosophy. Children’s eyes and vision are constantly changing as they grow and develop, and so it is important to have that development monitored by a professional like our eye doctor in Greenville. If your children are school-aged, it is especially helpful to have their eyes examined prior to the beginning of each new school year.

Children's Eye Exams Greenville

Children’s Eye Exams Greenville

Struggling with undiagnosed vision problems can lead to both academic and behavioral issues for children in school, and so we would like to avoid that at all costs. Visiting our eye doctor in Greenville for routine pediatric eye exams can make a huge difference in your child’s life. During each pediatric eye exam, we use a series of vision tests and overall eye examinations in order to carefully evaluate the current state of your child’s vision, and to note any potential problem areas or issues that need to be addressed. Common eye conditions that we diagnose in our younger patients include: amblyopia, or lazy eye, strabismus, or crossed eyes, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, pediatric cataracts, and more.

If you think your child may have an undiagnosed eye condition, you should schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in Greenville so we can address the problem as soon as possible. Symptoms to look out might include: your child is complaining of headaches, noticing that your child’s eyes are looking in different directions, your child sharing that they are having difficulty seeing the board at school, squinting, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about pediatric eye exams or any of the other services that our eye doctor in Greenville provides for patients at Yeager Vision Care, we encourage you to visit our practice’s main website to browse through some additional, detailed information about our office. If you have any questions or concerns about our services or another related topic, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or online.

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